Rules on the use of cookies

In order to maintain the website and ensure that its functionalities are at the expected level, KUMAL S d.o.o. uses a technology known as "cookies". Cookies are small files that we send to your computer and can be accessed later. They can be temporary or permanent. Thanks to cookies, you can easily search our pages. Cookies show us what interests you and other visitors to our website, which will help us improve it.

How we use cookies

The website uses cookies for several purposes, primarily to improve the performance of displaying content and make contact with the visitor of the website. Below is a list of all cookies used, cookie level, usage and expiration of cookies.

mailchimp_landing_site2It is used for statistical purposes.1 month
_lscache_vary2Used to prevent memorized pages.2 days
wordpress_logged_in_*1Used to keep users logged in.Session
wordpress_test_cookie2Used to check the use of cookies.Session
cookie_notice_accepted2Used to check the placement of cookies.Session
wp-settings-*2Used to store user settings.Session
wordpress_sec_*1Used to protect against hackers, it stores account information.15 days

Browser cookies

In order for a user to visit our website, he must use one of the Internet browsers (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, etc.), if any of these browsers use cookies, we must note that the processing manager KUMAL S d.o.o. there is no insight into this information and if you want more information about it you will need to contact the service of the browser you are using.

Cookie control

You can control and / or delete cookies as desired. You can delete all cookies that are already stored on your computer, and most browser settings allow you to block the storage of cookies. If you block cookies, you may need to manually adjust some preferences each time you visit the website, and certain services and features may not be available.

Delete cookies

Most cookies can be easily deleted, but please note that deleting or blocking all cookies could have a negative impact on the use of the site. If you still decide to delete or disable cookies on your computer, you need to update your Internet browser settings (for information on how to delete and disable cookies, see your browser by selecting the help menu).

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