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Our vision and mission

Our goal is to make people more aware of the need for isolation and the concept of savings they achieve. Our customers, who are for the most part insulating material trade, are fully acquainted with this material and most questions there can already be answered by end consumers. We are at the disposal of all other contractors and end users and try to answer all questions.


We provide all customers and users of our products with energy efficient, healthy and comfortable living space.


Produce quality products, without negative impacts on the environment, and promote and improve solutions and products for our customers and the environment.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Sustav upravljanja tvrtke je prosuđen te se potvrđuje da zadovoljava zahtjeve norme ISO 9001:2015  i ISO 14001:2015 za slijedeći opseg aktivnosti:

Proizvodnja i prodaja toplinsko-izolacijskih materijala i sendvič panela sa ispunom od kamene vune i EPS-a.

Expanded polystyrene products

EPS production takes place in production lines located in Sirač, about ten kilometers away from Daruvar.

EPS is produced in Kumal's factories adhering to European standards and product categorization, which was confirmed by the Croatian Civil Engineering Institute, which means that customers can count on the top quality of EPS in the insulation of facades, floors, roofs and other applications.

Production takes place under continuous product quality control carried out in Kumal's laboratory and factory product quality carried out by IGH. The properties of SIMAPOR EPS comply with the requirements of European standards (HRN EN 13163: 2012). Kumal's SIMAPOR meets all the requirements of the Croatian market and EU countries.

The Simapor program has the greatest application in construction as an excellent insulating and environmentally friendly material. The reason for the use of EPS as a thermal insulation layer of the facade lies in the phenomenon of slowing down the flow of heat due to air cushions trapped inside the structure of expanded polystyrene. Due to this phenomenon, EPS-insulated buildings are comfortable to live in both summer and winter.

Thermal insulation panels

The production of panels takes place in production lines located in Sirač, about ten kilometers away from Daruvar.

Production of thermal insulation panels began in 2008 and panels with insulating filling are produced. This product is made of two outer sheet metal shells and a core of EPS or mineral (stone wool).

Kumalit panels are made according to the customer's wishes from the panel thickness, sheet thickness, color, profile and type of joint, which means that customers can count on top quality and design.

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