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Kumal S d.o.o.

Kumal S is a private company founded in 2004, which operates within the Kufner Group, and its main activity is the production of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and sandwich thermal insulation panels.

Since 2008, in addition to the production of EPS, Kumal has been emphasizing the production of sandwich thermal insulation panels with EPS and stone wool filling. With its brand Kumalit sandwich panels, Kumal S is one of the few domestic manufacturers of sandwich panels, where Croatian workers and Croatian experts are employed.

EPS is produced in Kumal's factories adhering to European standards and product categorization, which was confirmed by the Croatian Civil Engineering Institute, which means that customers can count on the top quality of EPS in the insulation of facades, floors, roofs and other applications.

Uz navedene proizvode izrađuju se i razni dekorativni elementi po željama kupaca, krupno i sitno mljeveni stiropor u granulama za proizvodnju lakih betona i termo žbuka. U sklopu asortimana trgovačke robe nudimo i XPS izolacijske ploče od ekstrudiranog polistirena, EPS – T elastificirane izolacijske ploče kod izvedbe plivajućih podova, EPS ploče s nagibom za izvedbu padova u sustavima ravnih krovova, te EPS grafitni, izolacijske ploče s dodatkom grafita za bolji koeficijent izolativnosti.

Product quality control

HRN EN 13 163

Continuous product quality control is carried out in Kumal's laboratory. The properties of SIMAPOR EPS are in accordance with the requirements of Croatian standards (HRN EN 13163) taken from the European harmonized standards according to the principles of European harmonization of technical legislation. Kumal's SIMAPOR meets all the requirements of the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and all EU countries.


Employees are one of the most important elements of any business organization. They represent a resource that enables the launch and use of all other resources of the organization. That is why Kumal takes care of a stimulating work environment. We provide appropriate working conditions in which our employees can find an opportunity for their professional and personal development.

As a manufacturer of high quality EPS products in the market, we need to be in line with trends and focused on change and development. We are aware of the fact that only with a wide range of knowledge can we ensure the continuous development and stability of our organization. Therefore, employee development is a key strategic guideline and a value that guides us in our business.

Company information

KUMAL S d.o.o. for production and trade in construction materials

OIB: 71549040939

Competent court

Commercial Court in Zagreb
Registration file with registration number (MBS) 010064191


HRK 56,720,000.00 - paid in full
Tax number: 02179091


Nova Hrvatska Banka d.d.
IBAN: HR2425030071100065817

Authorized representative

Goran Kulušić: direktor
Krunoslav Molnar: director

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